IPL Facial Rejuvenation

Treatment of the entire face with the Limelight IPL device is known as a “photofacial” or “photorejuvenation” this treatment is designed to treat irregular pigmentation, flat brown spots, hypervascularity, enlarged pores, fine wrinkles and other sun and age related changes to the skin. These changes accumulate over time and worsen the overall appearance of the skin. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment is a non-invasive way to treat these problems with minimal down time and pain.


At your initial visit we will evaluate your areas of concern and discuss options for treatment, recovery time, and the potential for scarring. In some cases, we may recommend no treatment or treatment with a different modality. If IPL photorejuvenation is right for you we will discuss how this is performed, expected recovery time, expected results, and develop a treatment plan. Costs of the procedure will be discussed and a treatment plan developed.


Limelight IPL treatments are performed at Elite Esthetics by our physician or trained estheticians utilizing a local or topical anesthetic. Treatment times are usually 30-45 minutes and typically have minimal or mild discomfort afterward. In most cases, normal activities can be resumed right away. The treated areas often will initially darken, especially if you have a fair number of areas with increased pigmentation, so don’t plan any important social activities right away. These areas will gradually fade over the next several days. It is important to avoid sun exposure or use a good sunscreen for the first several weeks after treatment.


A single treatment will usually result in noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin. We typically start with a lower energy setting (for safety) then utilize a higher power for subsequent treatment if necessary. Everyone responds differently to treatment so it’s important for us to emphasize safety. We may sometimes suggest a few test spots before proceeding with the entire face.

Why we like this procedure

Cutera Limelight IPL photorejuvenation treatments provide a great non-invasive way to correct multiple age and sun related problems with a single device. This easy, low cost treatment is remarkably effective.