IPL Hair Reduction

Many people seek laser or IPL hair reduction as an alternative to repeated shaving, plucking, electrolysis, and other methods to reduce unwanted hair. IPL treatment is a great way to reduce or eliminate hair growth and we are glad to offer this treatment in our office.

How it works

Medical lasers and IPL devices used for hair removal produce a short burst of high intensity light of a narrow wavelength, depending on the type of device used. The Cutera Prowave 770 is designed to selectively target the hair and its follicle, thereby eliminating or destroying it while leaving the surrounding tissues (skin) undisturbed.

Because the hairs in any given area will be in different phases of the hair growth cycle, more than one treatment will be necessary. Hair reduction and removal works best on coarse, dark hairs (absorbs a lot of laser heat energy) growing on light skin (absorbs little laser heat energy). Dark hairs on dark skin or light hairs on light skin are particularly challenging to any type of laser hair removal technique.

How we do it

During the initial consultation one of our trained estheticians will evaluate your hair and skin and suggest a treatment plan that fits your schedule. Most treatment regimens involve 3-6 treatments scheduled at 6-week intervals. A topical anesthetic may be applied in addition to a chilled gel that is both soothing and aids in proper light transmission. The Prowave also has a chilled hand probe tip, which increases the comfort of the procedure. Treatment times are usually about 15-45 minutes and normal activities can be resumed right away.


Typically a significant difference will be seen after your first treatment, but multiple treatments are needed to achieve long lasting hair reduction. We would like to say that the hair reduction is “permanent” but some degree of hair regrowth occurs with almost any type of hair removal technique. Future treatments may be needed over the years to maintain your results.

Why you should have your hair reduction at Elite Esthetics

In addition to the Prowave IPL we can offer alternatives when we feel that IPL hair reduction is not the best choice for you. Waxing, dermaplaning, and other techniques are sometimes more appropriate due to the type of hair, location, and skin type of the patient. We have a great device for hair reduction but it’s the skill of the operator that makes the difference.